A Deer in the Headlights

My first solo photography exhibition accompanied by the writings of David Buchanan and installation designs by Anthony Caputo (FindYourFlow Clothing), Eduardo Umana (ED-E), and Alex Chacon (777). Clothing for the event was created by Pardonne Gallery, and the event dj's were GEEXELLA and Coutanch. The whole event was sponsored by Art Republic Global.

‘A Deer In The Headlights’ is a call to wake up. Today we are living in a society that is experiencing mass amounts of anxiety and depression, with social media as a contributing factor. ‘A Deer In The Headlights’ aims to create presence, to capture you and invite you to feel good now. It is a call to stop living through a screen, experience the world, and allow the art in front of you to immerse you entirely. Through art we can express ourselves, artists can be a conduit and a messenger for others pain and assist us in creating a truly healthy culture and thriving society.

The event was held in the middle of Springfield, a historic town in the middle of Jacksonville, Florida. The show held over 500 people throughout the night and was fully immersive, with a few hidden secrets as people walked around and played with the flash on their phones. 

Link to video recap - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAyfIUmm6Gw